Eurasia International Sculpture Biennale

Промо ролик:

Место: The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Date: July 4 - August 4

Time: 15:00

Duration: 1 month

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The first Eurasia International Sculpture Biennale will be held from July 4 to August 4 2017 in the Atrium of the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation as one of the most important events of the cultural program EXPO-2017, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This exhibition opens the door of global biennial forum for our region and widens the dialogue between different directions and trends in the development of sculpture.

The theme of the Biennial's research is «InterConnections: The Art of Dialogue». At Eurasia Sculpture Biennale, sculpture as an art form within the framework of a multifaceted dialogue is viewed in a broad modern understanding and allows us to present a range of directions of traditional and contemporary art.

More than forty authors from eight countries, including Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and, of course, Kazakhstan participate in the first Eurasian sculptural Biennial. About fifty works, from modernism to a contemporary, from steel and bronze to a papier-mâché and a cardboard are presented at an exhibition, kinetic, light, sound types of sculptures, installations, work, in the spirit of the times and in unison here are presented to the EXPO passing in Astana, using energy of the sun, dynamic and media and poetic installations of the Russian authors.

Following the results of vote of jury, winners of an exhibition have announced the following authors and works:

  • Grand Prix: Alibek Mergenov/r 1976, Ala Tau, aluminum, casting, 210х54х43 cm.
  • I place: Etienne Krakhenbul (Switzerland)/r 1953, "The stopped time", nickel-titanium, 300х80х80 cm.
  • II place: Dair Tulekov/1956-2016, "Conversation (Apashki)", aluminum, casting, 200х68х33 cm.
  • II place: Bernhard Jordie (Switzerland)/r 1969, a kinetic sculpture "The changing announcement", 116х52х27 cm.
  • III place: Bert Shoren (Netherlands)/r 1966, solar mobile "Light Wandering".
  • III place: Georgy Tryakin-Bukharov/r 1943, kinetic sculpture "Mustang".
  • III place: Sergey Spiny dogfish/r 1970, sound Vladimir Martynov (Russia), dynamic installation "Sunflower seeds".

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